1-800 HAPPY BIRTHDAY is a voicemail project and digital experience created to honor the Black and Brown lives killed by Police. The project collected 30+ hours of posthumous voicemails for individuals including Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Stephon Clark, Sandra Bland, Oscar Grant, Mario Woods, and many others. 

1-800 HAPPY BIRTHDAY was approached by WORTHLESSSTUDIOS to turn the digital experience into a large scale art installation - and for its first appearance it showed at NADA Art Fair 2022.

For NADA, we fabricated and desinged one phone booth including 11 of the individuals who were murdered, and as the leading Art Producer I worked directly with the families collecting images, stories, handwritten notes, curated the voiemails for the booth, lead communication with the designer and fabrication team, and ensured the integrity of the project was upheld throughout the process. 

Following NADA, I also worked on building out the larger installation, by meeting with 5 of the families in the Bay Area. This included going to their homes to scan physical images and objects as well as interviewing the families to collect stories and items. 

Senior Art Producer JESSICA LAW Junior Art Producer GENEVIEVE DIAZ Designer PAIGE HANSERD

Founder&Artistic Director
NEIL HAMAMOTO Curator KLAUDIA AFWONA DRABER Director of Programs KATHERINE COOPER Director of Space FREE TRIPP Operations Manager EMMA HARD  Fabrication Assistant MARYANGELA ROCCA